Day of the Dragon - Golden Treasure Released on Steam!

“Unquestionably breathtaking” - Gaming Cypher

“Visually, the game is stunning” -

“I love this writing… I’m absolutely enthralled” - English Teacher Plays

The time is now.

Golden Treasure: The Great Green, Dreaming Door Studios’ first interactive hand-painted role-playing experience, is available today on Steam.

Into it, we have poured the best art and writing, years of love, over 15,000 hours of work and a generous portion of dreams and magic. A world of triumph, discovery, and beauty awaits you.

If you are one of those people who has been with us for these long years, who has played the demo or who has given us your support and encouragement, we bow humbly before you and thank you from the heart for everything.

It is now time for you to spread your wings and embrace the wind. Your journey from before beginning to dragon maturity will be an adventure unlike any yet seen, a story unique among all told. We sincerely hope that you will find the journey inspiring, exciting and meaningful.

In the final version:

  • Over 100 unique painted encounters

  • 50+ unique animals to encounter, learn from, and battle with

  • 1000+ pages of discovery

  • 50 unique artifacts to acquire

  • 20 Tarot cards and achievements to unlock

  • And 3 massive maps each with hours and hours of adventure

Enjoy your time as a Kin, and May You Be Blessed.


Benjamin Ludwig