Embrace the wind.

Enter the mind and body of a dragon and experience the first phase of life of these fascinating creatures. From the moment you hatch from your egg to making your first successful hunt to finding your first treasure to your first mating season, you will learn what life would be like if you were Draak-kin, one of the True Children of Above and Below, greatest of the Mother's offspring.

As you explore your world, you will meet amazing beings, discover hidden secrets, fight for your survival and, ultimately, create a Way for the Music of your spirit to resound throughout the world. Nature will be your opponent and your teacher, and Death your ultimate enemy and closest friend.



Experience the defining moments in the life of a young Draak through thought-provoking narrative events: the joy of first flight, entering the spirit world, carving out your lair, and much more. As you live and learn about the culture and history of dragons, you might just change the future of the Draak-Kin forever.


A vast world
to explore

Expansive forests, plains, valleys and caves await, hiding treasures, strange beings, and challenges for both body and spirit. With many lands to discover, there is more than a lifetime's worth of adventure to be found.

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Hand painted illustrations

The story of your journey as a dragon will be brought to life by beautifully rendered paintings created by our talented artists. As you play, you will create a veritable museum of amazing memories.


A living, interactive ecosystem

 The Great Green is full of life, and all of it is connected. With the ability to Sing directly into the minds of other living things, you will build a network of relationships which will create your story. Over 100 events bring the world and its amazing denizens to life, from nervous squirrels to honorable wolves to philosophical cranes. As a powerful predator, if you hunt, consume, and make decisions with no regard to the Great Balance, there may be terrible consequences. But if you learn to harvest the bounty wisely, rare treasures may be yours.


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