The Final Countdown/Beta Results

Greetings, o Kin!

Our June 17 release date for Golden Treasure: The Great Green is but one short week away! Seven Suns from now, our labor of love will finally be available to the world. If you have not yet done so, please do play the demo, available on Steam, itch and our website, and don’t forget to wishlist us on Steam. Your demo progress will carry over to the full release.

Meanwhile, our Closed Beta has finally been completed. Heartfelt thanks to the 40 or so people who participated, who provided us with most excellent feedback. A few examples from our exit survey, where we neutrally asked the beta testers to sum up their opinion of the game, all from different people:

“An amazing and unique experience… Thank you for blessing us with this game.”

“The game as a whole is amazing.”

“A game where you can play as a dragon is enticing enough, but this game has even more to offer than that… wonderfully immersive, making you feel like you really are the dragon.”

“A wonderful mix of genres… an original, philosophical experience that is topped off with beautiful hand-crafted images.”

“I absolutely loved this game. The writing style is immersive, the art is professional and beautiful, and I just wanted to play again and again.”

“The game is really well crafted… I really enjoyed the game!”

“The game as a whole is great. the story, the art and the atmosphere the game as is something that really sets this game apart, and the mystery? The mystery is amazing...”

“Great game, beautiful aesthetics and easy-to-use game play. This game is addictingly fun”

“This game was the most in depth experience I've had playing as a dragon in any game. The consistency of the worldbuilding and perspective of experiencing the world from the bottom up was fascinating.”

“The art in every section was gorgeous… as a writer myself, I’d have to say that the writing and worldbuilding was fantastic too.”

“Inviting and engaging RPG… I had a great time.”

“I absolutely loved it.”

And there is so much more! We’re not cherry-picking, here. Of those who have taken the exit survey, not one indicated that they did not greatly enjoy their time with Golden Treasure. The final release will also include a viewing gallery for all of the game’s hand-painted images along with director commentary.

The journey soon begins!

Benjamin Ludwig