News From The Great Green

Greetings, o Kin!

One month ago, Golden Treasure: The Great Green was released on Steam. It represented the first fruits of years of labor for our small but dedicated team, and the response we have received from players has been overwhelming. As its creator, I was unsure whether Golden Treasure’s blend of adventure, philosophy, art and dragons would be enjoyed and understood by others. It seems I need not have worried.

We currently hold a “Very Positive” rating on Steam, with positive review averages in the high nineties. 86 players have written reviews about the experience, calling it “a masterpiece”, a “hidden gem” and much more. Our deepest thanks go out to those who let their feelings about Golden Treasure be known.

Perhaps the most gratifying responses of them all have been private. Quite a few total strangers have e-mailed me to let me know how deeply the game touched them. Some even said that the game’s beauty and message of hope as well as its deeply connected and yet non-human perspective helped them find some measure of personal peace.

To hear such things has been the honor of a lifetime. For an artist, the ultimate blessing is to know that one’s work has been taken in and understood by others. We who carry dragons in our hearts have not always been embraced by the masses, but by the love which I have received in response to Golden Treasure, we are very far from alone in this world. It is for such reasons that I am left with no choice but to call Golden Treasure: The Great Green an Artistic Success.

Despite this, the game is, as of a month after released, not yet a Commercial Success. Perhaps because it differs so greatly from the tendencies and tone of the industry at large, not a single major review or print site has deigned to review Golden Treasure: The Great Green. The world at large remains ignorant of its existence.

We have many plans for the expansion of Golden Treasure’s world and the beginnings of a sequel have in fact already been laid down. After finishing The Great Green (and it is NOT yet finished - the Time of Creation is coming) a sequel is planned for each of the game’s primary endings.

Hopefully, the upcoming weeks and months will see at least one acknowledgement from a major news source, and the interest will bring us the resources we need to keep on making experiences such as The Great Green. In the meantime, we offer our deepest appreciation to all of those who have sung out for us. In response, we will continue to persevere on the path which we have chosen, a path which leads to an undiscovered wilderness filled with beauty, strife and truth, a silver mirror for that which has been forgotten but which shines from every leaf in the forest and every star in the sky.

May you be blessed,


Benjamin Ludwig