Territorial Space Invaders

Greetings, one and all!

Here at Dreaming Door, it has been a wonderful summer of hard work and progress. Act 2 of our 3-act debut title is nearing completion, and it is over 50% bigger than Act 1 (which was featured in the demo) in every respect. 250 pages of writing, 40+ new hand-painted scenes and much more await!

Today, I'd like to share a new feature which will be a part of Act 2: Invaders. That's right... did you think that you could just sit in such a beautiful territory in the Great Green and not have any other dragons attempt to take it all from you? Tradition holds that a Draak-Kin may challenge another for its territory at any time.

In Act 2, territorial challenges are not uncommon, and you'll have to stay fit and on guard. A loss to an Invader means the loss of your territory and the end of your adventure in the Great Green.

Invaders are not nameless antagonists, however... each is a young Draak with his or her own story and will be challenging the player with a specific strategy in mind, playing to their individual strengths and away from their weaknesses. If you're strong enough, you may be able to beat them at their own game, but it may be wiser to try and engage them on different terms. Though none of them are easy, there are always multiple ways to deal with any Invader.

It's all part of making the Great Green even more vibrant, challenging and diverse. Here's an image of Flare, a young Emerald Kin who is strong with the Fire element. Flare will try to bait you into a physical fight, but patience and cunning may be a better way to deal with such an Invader. As a great Elder once said, "Never play the game your opponent wants you to play."

gx-2 flare img.jpg

Invaders are just one of the many new elements added in Act 2, and we're very excited to see how you will rise to the many challenges of owning your own territory in the Great Green. 

Benjamin Ludwig