The Lords of the Kin

Any dragon who survives to adulthood is seen by other animals as ancient and powerful in the extreme. A hundred years is enough time to amass a vast amount of wisdom and strength, and so even a newly-mature Kin is looked upon as a true Elder of Nature.

There are, however, seven among the Kin who have lived for so long and accomplished such incredible feats that no other among their kind would dare to challenge them directly.

They are known as Paragons.

With labyrinthine minds and bodies forged over millennia, the Paragons are champions of Sun and Earth. In Golden Treasure: The Great Green, the player will have a chance to meet them and even build relationships with these Elders of Elders. Some are fierce and some gentle (by draconic standards) but all should be treated with utmost respect.

In the later parts of the game, a shadow will be cast over the future of dragonkind, and it will be up to you to navigate the conflict. Each Paragon will offer a different solution, but will also demand a heavy price and will not suffer fools or weaklings to join their cause.

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The Paragon above is known by many names, but most refer to it as Many-Times-Burned. Its entire spirit constantly burns, searing away all impurities. Cruelty and mercy alike are now unknown to it. Having survived countless torments, it is scarred down to the very soul, but has risen again and again to triumph over the harshest truths. Even Time has submitted to its justice and now serves it as a thrall. Many-Times-Burned will do whatever is necessary without hesitation to ensure the survival of itself and its people. Some animals worship it, but it cares nothing for such honors. Survival, and survival alone, is precious to the Paragon of Fire.

If you were to survive for long enough to see entire species rise and fall, what would you be like? Or if you had challenged the Sun to a riddle contest and won, or if you were able to erase beings from existence with a single song? The challenge of portraying these beautiful, devastating beings is one which we are taking very seriously, and we can’t wait to share their stories with you.

Benjamin Ludwig