Demo feedback (plus Mac!)

Greetings, friends of the Kin!

It has been several weeks, and there is much joyous news to share. After several requests, we have decided to create a Mac version of the game. We have already redone the demo, and after some minor tweaking, it is now ready for people outside to have a go. If you're a Mac owner, please head over to the download page and give Act One a try, and do consider taking our survey, found in the credits, to let us know about your experience.

Meanwhile, summer has arrived, and as we celebrate our 1-year anniversary as a company, we are happy to announce that the feedback which we have received regarding the PC version of the demo has been beyond our expectations. A few quotes: 

"This game is more than just a game. It made me feel all tingly and... strange.. I LEGIT cannot describe how I feel. a part of it is a bit of sadness."

"Thank you for making something wonderful."

"I have to say, it is truly rare that I enjoy something as much as I enjoyed that demo. Enjoy is an understatement though. It's more than enjoy, it's something deeper I cannot really explain. I truly hope good things happen with you and this game (though it's more than just a game) and I wish I could somehow even help support it because I truly love it."

"I cannot really add to the glory that it is so far."

"I loved it. It filled up my heart. Being a confused and inexperienced hatchling trying to survive day-to-day in a wild and threatening but beautiful world was an experience I will never forget and want more of. Thank you."

Comments like this were the rule rather than the exception; in the survey, the median rating for both the writing and the art was a 9 out of 10, and 10s were not lacking. The team's gratitude goes out to all who played it. If you loved it, please share it; it's free, and now that we have both PC and Mac versions available, more people can have the experience of Heartbone Valley than ever.

In the meantime, we've already made some significant improvements on the demo as well as a great deal of progress on Act 2. We'll have more of that to share next time, but for now, thank you for reading, and if you haven't played the demo and taken the survey yet, what's keeping you?

Benjamin Ludwig