Demo released, and a one-year anniversary!

In May of 2017, three people began work on Golden Treasure. It has been a year of discovery, learning, and (most of all) hard work, but at last a fruit hangs upon the branches of the Dreaming Door tree, ready for your enjoyment: the Golden Treasure demo!

This demo contains the entirety of Act I of the hand-painted open-world narrative game, and though the upcoming acts will be larger than the first, this will give those itching to step into the claws of a dragon a chance to try that perilous yet wonderful life.

The demo is absolutely free, but we do have one request: if you could, after you play it, please take just one minute to fill out a survey on the experience. The link will display when you successfully complete Heartbone Valley, the first of the game's open areas, and watch the credits, and can also be accessed directly from the "Credits" option on the Main Menu. Your feedback means a great deal to us.

Happy hunting, and remember: the greatest Treasure is life itself.


Benjamin Ludwig