Presenting our first project: Golden Treasure!

Dreaming Door's mission is to creatively break boundaries and allow people to experience life from new points of view. With that in mind, we are pleased to present our first project:


What would life be like if we were intelligent, but not social? If we were powerful, but could not survive without finding harmony with nature? If we were covered in only our own scales and feathers, and not synthetic fibers or the skins of dead animals?

In our first game, players will enter the mind and body of a dragon and experience the first phase of life of these fascinating creatures. From the moment you hatch from your egg to making your first successful hunt to finding your first treasure to your first mating season, you will learn what life would be like if you were Draak-kin, one of the True Children of Above and Below, greatest of the Great Mother's offspring.

As you explore your world, you will meet amazing beings, discover hidden secrets, fight for your survival and, ultimately, create a Way for the Music of your spirit to resound throughout the world. Nature will be your opponent and your teacher, and Death your ultimate enemy and closest friend.

Look forward to a new page featuring more information coming soon, and thank you for reading! We can't wait to take his new journey with you.

Benjamin Ludwig