Development has now officially begun!

My, my! Where to begin?

Production on our first project is up and running, thanks to the talents of an amazing team. This band of artists and artisans were carefully gathered from various schools and universities in southeast Michigan. In the months during which I journeyed from institution to institution, speaking with industry luminaries, game development professors and hard-working students, these were the people who stood out from the rest, and as a director, I could not be more pleased with the members of the Dreaming Door team. They are more than skilled team members; they are wonderful individuals who, in less than a month of work, have exceeded every expectation. Find out more about them in the "Our Team" page.

But what are we working on? The reveal is coming, I promise... we already have art assets set and ready to go. For now, I can assure everyone that what we make is completely consistent with our mission: museum-quality handcrafted art, thought-provoking writing, and an experience which takes you somewhere new.

Look forward to more consistent updates from here on out!


Benjamin Ludwig