"Golden" Demo and More

Today is a red-letter day for us. Having spent months finishing and polishing the game, we are now ready to begin introducing Golden Treasure to the world!

Up until now, our communications and news have been restricted to those of you who have heard of it simply by word of mouth, as the game has been featured nowhere but on this site. However, as of today, Golden Treasure is featured at both itch.io and Earth’s largest PC and Mac gaming site, namely Steam!

A brand-new version of the demo, complete with new art, revised writing, bug fixes, and even a new ending encounter is available from the above sites and also from our own website (for those who like to stick to tradition). We are calling it the Golden Demo, and if you haven’t yet treated yourself to the world of Golden Treasure, there has never been a better time! The Demo includes all of Part 1 of our 3-part exploration of life as a dragon, and any progress and achievements you earn will transfer over to the main game upon release, so put on your scales and feathers and spread your wings.

We have also released a brand-new gameplay trailer to show others the beauty of the world in which we have spent the last two years. Please check it out on our new YouTube channel, and please don’t hesitate to give us your thoughts and opinions on the YouTube comment sections.

What is next, you ask? The release of the full adventure is not far off! Golden Treasure: The Great Green will be released on Mac and PC this very summer. When exactly…?

Well, we can’t give away everything in just one news post, can we? Be on the lookout for further announcements, including our release date announcement coming soon.

For now, enjoy the trailers and the demo, and be sure to let us know what you think!

Benjamin Ludwig